SnowMade - Who We Are

Let’s be honest.

In this crazy world, we could all use something. You know, a little something-something that brings us a moment of delight. A reminder of friendship. A tingling of love. A souvenir of connection.

At SnowMade, we create those something-somethings for you to share with others (or to buy for yourself—you deserve nice things too!). For example, our greeting cards are accompanied by a specially crafted, laser-engraved wood magnet or ornament which serves as a lasting reminder to the recipient that somewhere out there, someone loves them. Now isn’t that great?

So let’s be honest. Being a human can be hard and stupid, and we all could use a little something-something. SnowMade is here to provide it, made with love and lasers. 

love + lasers = 4evs

The SnowMade Promise:

SnowMade is committed to creating and distributing sustainable, earth-friendly products that encourage honest and heartfelt connection with one’s self, loved ones, community, and all of humanity. We're all in this together. 

Who is SnowMade?

Chelsea Snow is a creative entrepreneur from Portland, Oregon who founded SnowMade after having the realization that she didn’t have to reconcile her two loves: business and art. By combining her entrepreneurial savvy with her unending creative appetite, she creates goods driven by her own very human experiences, allowing her to explore ways to spark delight and spread love in an honest and vulnerable way. She employs an amazing production staff of artists and craftspeople. 

Our Process:

We take great pride in making all of our own products right here in our St. John's studio in Portland OR. Aside from some outsourced printing (shoutout to Letterpress PDX) we design and manufacture everything from start to finish! If you're wondering what that entails, read on!

1 - WOOD PREP - First, we sand and hand-paint our wood. We use primarily 1/8" baltic birch plywood, which is a sustainable species, growing to maturity more quickly than many other trees. Our wood is CARB compliant and it is rated E1 compliant for formaldehyde emissions. We paint using a low voc interior house paint, which is how we are able to achieve so many wonderful colors! Each piece of wood gets two coats, with sanding in between, and a layer of masking tape on the back to keep it nice and clean.

2 - DESIGN - Next we create our images. We love the combination of hand drawn illustrations and text, combined with the precision of the laser cutter. We either use ink and paper or more and more the procreate app on the iPad, and draw our designs. We pull those into Adobe Illustrator, and set them up according to our laser's specifications. 

3 - LASER PREP - Our laser, a Trotec Rayjet 300 named Ray-Ray, is a BEAST of a machine, but she demands a lot of very careful attention. We remove dust, smoke, debris and any other foreign substance from her mirrors and lenses and get her focused so she can work her magic. 

4 - MAGIC TIME - Watching a laser beam isn't the safest thing, but it's so hard to look away. LASER is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, AKA a thing you definitely don't want to stare at for long. First Ray-Ray engraves then she cuts, and she is magic. 

5 - CLEANING - When little engraved objects first come out of the laser, they sometimes have some smoke residue on their surface. This is wiped off with a wet rag, and the masking tape from the back is removed. This is quality control time, and we check to make sure everything looks perfect. Our first year in business, my son Beckham decided to start building a ball of the masking tape peeled from the backs of things. We've kept the tradition alive and I'm pretty sure we have a guinness book of world records-sized masking tape ball! 

6 - FINISHING TOUCHES - Next we glue magnets, string strings, add stickers and package everything up, using eco friendly and biodegradable materials whenever available. 

7 - STRAIGHT TO YOU - sent with love and lasers.