valentines day

I FUCKING LOVE YOU by Chelsea Snow

I know it's been a while. I haven't wanted to write anything for the past few months because I just didn't know where to begin; what to say; how to even have a perspective. I guess I was just not wanting to be a part of the cacophony, and quite frankly overwhelmed by the complexity of it all. Not knowing where to put my energy, not knowing what to pay attention to, not knowing how to package it up and make a pretty picture about it. 

Here are some fake ideas for unrealized posts that I may have written but didn't, and just came up with to make what I said up there seem a little more lighthearted:

  1. This isn't really happening: life in a fully augmented reality
  2. Why I moved to Portland: can a difference be made in a vacuum?
  3. Burn it down: the environmental impact of destroying everything you know and love
  4. Time travel: what if you only need to go back like 2 weeks?
  5. DIY tutorial: how to make a "liberal creative person" costume for lazy assholes
  6. The women's march: did it even happen? (See #1)
  7. "The only thing that has really changed for me is my newsfeed", and other reflections from the ivory tower
  8. My skydiving adventure with the Obamas (See #1)
  9. Snow days: a conspiracy theory
  10. Are you there god? It's me, everyone.

I consider myself somewhat of a "completionist" (a person who insists on finishing things even though nobody cares, ie: crossword puzzles, other kinds of puzzles, self-imposed creative projects, marriage vows (haha, jk)) but I have to say: the blog post every week for a year and a corresponding artwork project is officially over. Maybe I'll pick it back up after I graduate? Maybe however many weeks I did it for was exactly the right number of weeks? Maybe the next thing I do will be way better and more interesting?

Now that I pull it apart, I think part of me was afraid to write--not just because of all the crazy shit happening in the world--but because I'd have to admit that I'm not going to do a thing I said I was going to do. Ack, I do NOT like the way that feels. But there it is. It's important that I come back here though and start using this platform again, because I realize I do have one thing to say, and it's the most important thing, and it's kind of the only thing. I fucking love you. Don't forget.