makers unwound

Anti-Perfectionism Manifesto by Chelsea Snow

Years ago my friend Gabrielle told me about an idea she had for a magazine, she said "it would be like THIS", and handed me a copy of Uppercase. She asked me if I'd be interested in contributing and I was like hells yes. A couple of years later, this magazine is a real thing, and I really did contribute, but not in the way I had planned. 

I was going to write a little story about my new life in Portland, the projects that I was working on, etc. I tried so many times to get it right, each failing harder than the last. One of the versions actually turned into a post from a few months ago about the Hustle and Flow. But it wasn't right for a magazine. Sharing things about myself and my work in print felt VERY different from sharing them here. I drove myself crazy about it for days, all thanks to a little bitch I like to call perfectionism.

My personal brand of perfectionism gets in the way of so many things, and I decided to take a stand against it. Lo and behold, the anti-perfectionism manifesto was born. Instead of writing an article about myself, I made a piece of art that spoke to why it was so difficult for me to write an article about myself. I nervously sent it to Gabe, thinking this is totally NOT what she asked for, and she was like "it's perfect. :)" The magazine, Makers Unwound, officially launches this week (please buy a copy!) so I thought it would be a good time to share it. If anyone wants a print of this, you can get one here!